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First, thank you Carly for your advice in the design of our bathroom. Erecting an alcove with a mirror above the toilet to disguise the fact that there is a wall in the middle of the room was a genius idea!

The opening between the wet room and the toilet area was made bigger using two wide angles instead of the ordinary 90-degree angle. That seemed a great idea until it was time to do the tiling…and then, the job became very tricky! The problem was solved using a round plastic trim.

tiling around toilet 1tiling around toilet 3

Even after all these months of DIY, I still “make cheese” (do you remember the post I published one year ago about “making cheese”?!?). Trying to drill a hole on the curved edge of a tile was too ambitious/silly: the drill slipped into the grout and then, I also broke the head of the drill bit… grrr!

IMG_3894 (1024x683)

Luckily the grout is nearly the same colour as the tile! 🙂